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Wix vs Wordpress


I hope this blog helps those stuck between what website builders to choose. After building websites for the last 4 years Wix & WordPress are my top 2.

Benefits of Wix:

  • Ease of use

  • Semi-auto mobile responsiveness

  • Comprehensive dashboard

  • SEO checklist

  • Little to no technical knowledge is needed

  • Speed is phenomenal

  • For novices & experts

  • Price

  • Customer support

  • Development delivery

Cons of Wix:

  • Need to upgrade the website to connect your domain

  • No Cpanel for advanced settings

Benefits of WordPress:

  • Powers majority of the internet

  • Build complex infrastructures

  • Own your file manager

  • Own your hosting

  • SEO friendly

  • For experts

Cons of WordPress:

  • Complexity for beginners

  • Plugin conflicts

  • Need the experience to manage a website

  • Cost to develop or for updates

  • No customer support

  • Need a certified expert for speed

Who's the winner? Wix

After building hundreds of websites over the years I've discovered Wix around 1 month ago, and the difference is truly night and day.

Since developing my tenth Wix website I've shifted my complete business model over to Wix for a variety of reasons! The most important reason is client feedback on their website.

Here's what one of my clients has said since the switch to Wix.

Maricarmen M.
"Chan was very professional and delivered my finished project earlier than promised. He was very fast to respond and took his time to understand my needs. He was also reasonably priced and encouraged me to switch to Wix from WordPress. I am so glad I followed his advice because the interface is so much more user-friendly and overall better to navigate. After the project was done, Chan still took the time on multiple occasions to answer all my questions and make sure I had no further issues. I need a new website built soon for a different company and I will use Chan again. I highly recommend him!!"

Why is Wix so convenient to her and a host of other clients?

Simplicity is the ultimate answer... no more pulling your hair out over technical hurdles. Wix makes it easy for business owners to connect to all of their apps in one spot.

With the ultimate combination of:

  • Wix Booking

  • Wix Events

  • Wix Store

  • Wix Community

  • Wix Blogs

You can practically create anything with an out-of-the-box solution; from very complex e-com, services, or payment websites to simple informational websites.

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